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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Being Trendy

Trendy Confessions

Trendy Confessions is back with a bumper crop. Lots of new and might I add gorgeous items for the curvy chicas. Bet you've been seeing alot of dual tone dresses around and here you'll find one just for you! New uploads of dresses, tops, and even leggings! Head on over now!

and even more!

Snazzy Sally's back with this gorgeous number. The colour is so unique and love the bottom part. If you're conscious about your tummy, this cardi will hide it!Free Size!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wings to Fly..

Love this set of wings! Can be worn with a feminine outfit but I can also imagine wearing it with a biker chic outfit...vrroom..on my harley!

Stylish Cardigan

Are we sick of cardigans yet? Of course not! Especially since this one is not like the others. This cardigan has a bubble bottom.. and if you don't mind me saying, this one actually looks better on the fuller gal! ;)

Going (Greeen) Bananas!

My muse today will be Greeen Bananas! Found several unique items here for the plus size gal. If you're really into egyptian things, you'll find lovely maxi's here with that theme. Also available are quirky tees like the one above. Did I mention one of my favourite all time movies is 'THE MUMMY'? :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Butterfly Cardigan

More lovely cardigans today. This cardi is reminds me of a beautiful butterfly. Ever used a scarf and wished it wouldn't fall off? This cardigan really looks like a pashmina/shawl draped over your shoulder but the best thing is that it won't slip off! ;) Free Size

Floral Chiffon Kimono

RM 52

Check out this new blog store for more plus size fashion! Comes with an inner slip and it fits UK 14-UK16

Mini Dress

Nice dress right? The unique draping of this dress will make you feel like a grecian goddess of modern times! Fits UK 14-UK18!

Long Cardi

Eight Designs Boutique
RM 45

Here's another long cardi and this one in a very unique colour! The cutting is
really nice as it will make u look really slim. Available in 5 colours and fits up to XL

Flower Kimono

RM 47 / RM 45 (more than 1)

Updated at Sha's! This beauty is available in 5 colours and fits up to XL. Also available are new checked shirts.

Friday, June 26, 2009


RM 30

Here's something unique. A tee printed with necklaces. Colour's really nice too! No need to add any accessories! Up to UK 16 and available in 5 colours

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flowers Blooming...

Girlies Barn
RM 50 each

Here's a little bloom to brighten up your friday morning! Yes.. TGIF! Fits up to UK 14 and free shipping in bangsar too!

Grey Ribbed Cardi

Check out this grey ribbed cardi. The vertical lines will surely make you look slim slim slim..Up to UK 14 and available in 3 colours!

Denim Love

Plus Size Closet
RM 45

Remember what I said about denim skirts? This one's a lovely version. A more pencil cut version. Up to UK 14 from MNG.

Purple Butterfly

Lately, I've been loving purple alot. They are available in so many shades now. This chiffon slip is absolutely glorious. Also available in several other colours..this one caught my eye!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Batik Kimono

If you have way too many plain kimonos, try this one, it's got a lovely batik print and is available in 4 colours. Up to UK 14. Blog owner is really nice.

Grey Tunic

Here's something else that's for day and night..The bling around the collar glams the otherwise casual attire. Can be worn as a dress or just a nice top!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are any plus gals must have in their wardrobes I tell you! I should know, I have at the very least, 8! and more coming too. Got myself one of these babies too! Available in 3 plus sizes. What are you waiting for? Pair it basically with everything!

Vintage Green Dress

RM 40

This camouflage green dress is delightful and would be great for summer. For vintage lovers, don't miss this. Nice details. Up to UK 16

An event by A Shopaholic's Den

White Leggings

Attires' Attic
RM 20 (RM 18 if purchased with another garment!!!)

Ooo..Look what I spotted. White leggings. Black one is also available but the white caught my eye! and it's up to UK 16!

Check Dress

Hey hey..here's a check dress for the plus size gals! Actually comes with the inner tee and up to size XXL! Available in 3 colours!


Beside my apparent love for clothes, I also have a passion of accessories. Needless to say I have boxes, drawers of accessories that I have collected over the years and I'm tempted to add a few more! Who'd noticed anyway right? ;)

Butterfly Sleeve Dresses

There's more where these lovelies came from..These chiffon dresses that come with lining from waist down are gorgeous aren't they?

Garden of Eden

RM 47

More on the big tees. This one from FashionholicGal who is also having a grand launch sale! Buy more and get a discount or off on shipping. Up to XL.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Checkered Shirt!

Quick quick quick! Checkered shirt available at Sha-Stylochic. Up to XL! Most of em sold out already!

Vintage Lilac

Hop on over to cinta vintage for this lovely lilac skirt. It's for size UK 10 -18 and going for a very reasonable price eh!


Reminds you of a thunderbolt doesn't it? Sure matches the weather outside my window now! It's free size so remember to ask for measurement babes ;)

Red Red Red...

RM 40

This pretty top comes with it's own pink tube inside and has pretty ribbon to top it off. Sweetness! Size XL - XXL

Mr Men Little Miss

Poppy Pumpkins
RM 26

Hey hey..Ever seen these cuties on the slimmer chicks? It's now available for the bigger gals too! Woot! Available in 1X (14- small 16), 2X (large 16 - 18), 3X (Let her know)..

RM 36

This is also from Poppy Pumpkin. Isn't it sweet? Up to 3X!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage Craze

If you're into vintage, here's another nice piece...and it's available. Mind you there are several nice ones I saw but they were sold out!

Plaid PantyHose

RM 30

Pantyhose are great. You can wear em with something really short and not have to fear of exposing yourself or showing your cellulite. These are unique, not your ordinary plain coloured ones. Head on over to Teamo. For waist up to 34 inches, size XXXL

Cardigans in Colours

Here's a place to look for cardigans in various colours. It's marked as free size so it may be a good idea to the check the measurements first but I loveee the colour ;)

Ruffles and Spots

Go for plus size ruffles! This lovely chiffon top is sized XXXL and going for RM 50

This pretty is sized XXL and is going for RM 54

Brown Stripey Top

It's Fashion For Ladies
RM 20 (Grab it!)

Who said plus size women couldn't wear stripes? This one would look great on you ladies. Up to UK 14.